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Rémy Couture of CRémy Presents The Trump Doughnut

And other Montreal food world reactions to the inauguration and Women’s March

Rémy Couture presents the Trump doughnut

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the weekend’s double whammy of significant international events seems to have drowned out any meaningful dining world news. Between the inauguration of new United States President Donald Trump on Friday, and then Saturday’s Women’s March which drew out millions of protesters internationally (including a local cohort), it’s understandable that “a possible new world order” might take precedence over “new table d’hote menus”.

But the two can overlap — case in point, doughnut-maker supreme Rémy Couture of CRémy in the Plateau and Quebec City’s Saint Crème creating a doughnut that resembles Trump in the video above (in French, but easy to follow for the linguistically-challenged). They’re made of plain doughnuts (which are conveniently, a warm yellow colour not too distant from Trump’s signature orange), with candy floss on top representing Trump’s notoriously fluffy hair (Couture dubs it a toupée). It’s stuck on there with vanilla frosting.

In the centre is a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Interpret that as viscerally as you like, although one commenter suggests it’s representative of the “caca” that comes from Trump’s mouth. The video isn’t brand new but didn’t grab much attention when it was made, so Couture was putting it out there again for the inauguration. No word yet on whether it’s available at Couture’s Mont-Royal store.

Couture wasn’t the only entity on the food scene with feelings around the newly minted President Trump and the subsequent march — here are a few more, from Agrikol co-owner Jen Agg (who was at the Toronto march), Montreal Gazette critic Lesley Chesterman, the Gazette’s wine writer Bill Zacharkiw, food-oriented Radio-Canada and Évasion host Anne-Marie Withenshaw, and food bloggers Aaron and Carolynne of Foodie Date Night.

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