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East End Coffee Roaster Zab to Merge With Hit Rosemont Café

They’re also taking over a beloved Mile End café

Plume owner David Sabourin (left) and Paquebot co-owner Simon-Louis Brosseau

Rosemont coffee favourite Paquebot is making two big moves on the city’s caffeine scene: they’re merging with east-end roastery Zab, and as of Monday, they’re the proud new owners of Mile End café Plume.

Paquebot co-owner Samuel Perreault tells Eater that his team is joining forces with Zab’s Edwin Chareton because their interests line up: Paquebot has wanted to get into roasting for a while, and has been serving Zab’s coffee since it started roasting.

Zab opened up in 2016, joining other well-liked local roasters such as Dispatch, Café-St-Henri, and Kittel; Paquebot has been around on Bélanger Street since mid-2015, making a name as the first place in town to serve nitro cold brew as well as draft lattes. It’s also known for getting fairly experimental on the flavoured coffee front, with options like a curry-ginger latte and café-lemonade fizz, as well as for its vélo-café, serving cold brew on tap around various parks in the Rosemont—La Petite Patrie borough.

Paquebot’s mobile coffee service

As of Monday, Paquebot are also the proud new owners of Mile End mainstay Café Plume. The Mont-Royal Avenue café was one of the city’s earlier third-wave arrivals, but owner David Sabourin reportedly wants to move on to personal projects, but wanted to pass the coffee shop on to new owners who had a demonstrated interest in keeping up the quality.

Perreault tells Eater that it will eventually be renamed Paquebot (although it remains open as Plume for the time being, while the transition happens). Along with the name change, it’ll morph into something of a second location for the Bélanger home base — those draft coffees and more of Paquebot’s menu items will be available there — the curry latte, the Titonic (cold brew, tonic, lemon, rhubarbe bitters), and more.


2110 Bélanger, Montreal, QC H2G 1C2 (514) 439-4344 Visit Website

Paquebot (former Café Plume)

123 Avenue du Mont-Royal O, Montréal, QC H2T 2S9 (514) 903-2618 Visit Website