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Wilfrid Sur Laurier Unexpectedly Shuts Its Doors [Updated]

After three years in business

Mile End restaurant Wilfrid Sur Laurier appears to be permanently closed after three years in business.

The Laurier Avenue restaurant, which walked a line between upscale tavern fare crossed with French style, opened up under manager Zach Suhl and chef Michel Ross in late 2014, taking the place of the decades-old La Petite Ardoise. (Roland Boivin, the restaurant’s owner, seems to have been relatively hands-off in terms of operations). In the months following its opening, it was well-received by the critics, and also found a niche as a reputable brunch venue.

Update (November 7): Someone with knowledge of the restaurant explains that Wilfrid Sur Laurier owner Roland Boivin sold the restaurant in October to an unknown party, with all staff given “the appropriate notices and severances”. Renovations are going on in the Laurier Avenue space to make way for an unknown new business; some of Wilfrid’s former staff have reportedly been offered employment from the new owner.

Wilfrid Sur Laurier switched chefs earlier this year, with Ross leaving to pursue teaching; his junior, Daniel Dreisziger, along with newcomer Sophie Veronneau took over.

The restaurant’s closure seems to be sudden and unexpected — it was lined up to be in annual set-menu food festival MTL à Table, which started over the weekend. The festival is still listing the restaurant, but with a large “CLOSED” tag on it, and the special menu has been taken down.

While its Facebook page has been deleted and phone line cut-off, Wilfrid Sur Laurier’s government business listing shows nothing amiss — it’s perfectly solvent. Eater has reached out via email for further information on the shutter.

Wilfrid sur Laurier

222 Laurier Ouest, Montreal, QC H2T 2N8 (514) 495-4961