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Eater Montreal’s Most-Read Maps of 2017

The most popular drinking and dining tips Eater Montreal had to offer

Chez Tousignant

Along with news stories, maps form the backbone of Eater Montreal. These geographically-plotted guides to the city’s restaurants, bars, and cafes cover food, drinks and other topics from where to get a poutine, to where to grab Caribbean food, or where to get a latte served up with wifi.

In ascending order, these are the maps that pulled the most hits on the site for 2017. We’ve excluded everything that was updated multiple times throughout the year: that’s the Eater 38, and heatmaps for the hottest restaurants, bars, and brunch.

10. A Weekend in Burlington, Vermont: Where to Eat and Drink

Foam Brewers

Eater Montreal branched out in 2017, publishing guides to nearby cities like Ottawa and Sherbrooke. But one of the more popular was this set of tips for Burlington, Vermont, featuring lots of locally-made beer and farm-to-table dining options, from famed restaurant Hen of the Wood to newer nooks like Butch + Babe’s.

9. The Essential Montreal Cocktail Bars


Are Montrealers alcoholics? It seems plausible, given that our boozy guides seem to draw lots of eyes. This thorough list of the city’s best shakers and stirrers was a favourite.

8. Where to Eat The Best Poutine in Montreal Right Now

Galvaude at Chez Tousignant
Chez Tousignant

It might seem clichéd, but people looking for dining tips in Montreal want to know about Quebec’s famed dish of fries, cheese, and gravy.

7. The Monster Guide To Montreal Coffee Shops

Café Larue et Fils

Café Myriade started it all ten years ago, and now Montreal has a robust li’l coffee scene with great roasters from Dispatch to Café St-Henri. And people want to read about it.

6. 12 Wonderful West Island Restaurants

Cugini’s Pizza Café

Eater Montreal published numerous neighbourhood guides this year, including some focused on restaurant-heavy areas like St-Henri and Mile End — but the most popular was this overview of further-flung suburbs from Pointe-Claire to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

5. The Essential Montreal BYOB Restaurants

La Raclette

It seems that many Eater Montreal readers think paying hefty mark-ups for is for suckers (but don’t forget that many restaurants go for private imports to give something a little special. Anyway, many thousands of you clicked here for 26 wide-ranging bring-your-own-wine tips.

4. The 18 Essential Quebec City Restaurants

Nina Pizza Napolitaine

Eater readers cared about Burlington, Vermont, but they cared even more about the provincial capital, courtesy of this guide from CBC/Radio-Canada food columnist Allison Van Rassel.

3. 25 Essential Montreal Microbreweries and Craft Beer Bars

L’Espace Public Brasseurs de Quartier

Aspiring microbrewers take note: out of our guides to cocktails, wine bars, and beer bars, craft brews emerged the most popular.

2. 26 Go-To Cheap Eats Restaurants in Montreal

Marché Hung Phat

Saving money is a nice feeling — and this guide covering everything affordable from pupusas to banh mi and burgers hit the spot.

1. The Must-Eat Brunch Bets in Montreal

Régine Café

If the sometimes obscenely long line-ups weren’t enough of a hint that Montrealers like brunch, the popularity of this map should confirm the fact.