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These Are the Most Bizarre Search Terms That Brought You To Eater This Year

‘jeff simple plan nose job’

Simple Plan member and Montreal restaurateur Jeff Stinco
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

From sex things to questions to typos, here are some of the most unexpected search terms that dropped readers off on Eater Montreal’s virtual doorstep in 2017. [sic] throughout.

  • apartment above joe beef
  • beef 2 sexy
  • big dick jokes
  • bruce willis family
  • chefs for seals
  • devil worshipping
  • free dogs in montreal
  • how do you say gay in portuguese
  • jeff simple plan nose job
  • late night chicken
  • map of people with garlic allergy
  • mapofafrica
  • naked sushi restaurant montreal
  • opening a doggy cafe with a liquor license quebec
  • paranormsl activity
  • professional ping pong
  • restaurants in the basement of an old person in old montreal
  • sting net worth
  • sushi restaurant montreal with sea horses in an aquarium
  • tonic porn
  • very sexy sexy video
  • what is password of wifi in nigerian
  • why+moroccan+food
  • will we have a nice summer in montreal, qc
  • winning roll up the rim
  • wwe chalet montreal
  • www sex bar com
  • xxx beef
  • xxxthe chef on the counter with butter
  • yakuza nude
  • you pornpage 1