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Look Inside This Canada-Themed Pop-Up Bar in NYC

Featuring Molson and poutine

The Great Canadian Beer Hall, a pop-up in New York

Toronto chef and restaurateur turned New Yorker Amanda Cohen has launched an all-Canadian themed pop-up bar out of her restaurant Dirt Candy in the city’s East Village.

It’s certainly riding the post-Trump-election wave of progressive Americans declaring Canada The Best Place On Earth™, predicated partly upon prominent eye-candy politicians and a slightly more accepting attitude towards refugees.

The Great Canadian Beer Hall is decked out with Canadian flags, moose heads, Mountie hats, and a sizeable oil portrait of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The soundtrack is reportedly all-Canadian (including Bryan Adams), and TVs in the main bar screen hockey, while the bathroom screens feature old episodes of Degrassi. Since Cohen is a Torontonian, there is, unsurprisingly, a total lack of bilingualism.

In the food realm, there’s poutine and nanaimo bars — but no Kraft Dinner. Dirt Candy also offers a NAFTA beer special, featuring a Molson, a Budweiser and a Corona sold together for cheap.

And playing into the post-electoral cries about moving to Canada (which Canada has been happy to indulge, to be fair), the menus all double as Citizenship and Immigration Canada application forms for visas.

Dirt Candy

86 Allen Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 228-7732 Visit Website