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Watch No 900’s Pizzaiolos Prep for the Pizza Olympics in Vegas

They’re heading there later this month

Pizzéria No 900’s wood-fired Neapolitan pies have been a success since it opened its doors on Bernard in Outremont back in 2015 — the critics liked them, and the business was successful enough to expand all over the place, rapidly. Now 10 of the home-grown chain’s staff are headed to Las Vegas for the International Pizza Challenge and World Pizza Games, which together are roughly approximate to an Olympics-style competition, but for pizza makers. And without individual countries (so, not that much like the Olympics, but you understand).

An internal competition helped No 900 pick its ten best pizza-slingers, and they’ll take part in two competitions — the International Pizza Challenges requires teams to put forward the best possible recipe in certain categories of traditional pizza; more of a “quality” based challenge. Then the World Pizza Games test offer three distinct challenges — fastest dough stretch, largest dough stretch, and the triathlon, which combines the two, and also requires competitors to assemble pizza boxes.

No 900 has put a video together showcasing its finest pizzaiolos prepping for the competition, complete with dramatic high-energy music. Check it out.

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