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Former Critical Darling Mezcla is Bankrupt — And Other Closures

Also: fewer obscenely large beer pitchers in St-Henri


VILLAGE — When it opened back in 2012 under the eye of skilled Peruvian chef Marcel Larrea, nuevo Latino restaurant Mezcla enchanted critics, offering something new, refined, and affordable. Then, Larrea left (he’s now running Peruvian-Japanese spot Tiradito downtown) and it looked like things fell apart at the Gay Village restaurant. A promising new chef, Soraya Ramiro, was brought in at the beginning of this year but it doesn’t look like she ever got a chance, as Mezcla quietly closed its doors not long after — the restaurant went bankrupt, confirmed by a public auction of their kitchen equipment, fixtures, and more.

ST-HENRI — Hallowed Notre-Dame Street dive bar Le Black Jack has closed down for good, as the area continues to roll like an an out-of-control train into Gentrification Station. Owned by bar magnate Peter Sergakis, it was mostly known for selling beer pitchers the size of an adult human head, strip club fixtures, and dim lighting. Sergakis continues to own the space, meaning it could resurface in future as a sexy cowperson bar, or a Sports Station with unusually small beers. In the meantime, enjoy this perfectly captured photo of the demise of the bar’s adjacent strip club, also closed.

Posted by Andy Crass on Thursday, February 23, 2017

MILE END — Bernard Street tapas ‘n’ cocktail venue L’Assommoir papered over its windows and said goodbye in late February, after 13 years on the Mile End street. The other two locations of the mini chain, one on Notre-Dame and another in Quebec City, remain open as normal.

MILE END — This part of town has seen a lot of big closures lately, and here’s one more: Ryu on Laurier Avenue has shut up shop. You may remember it as the sushi restaurant that kind of resembled a nightclub, but with surprisingly good maki and nigiri. Ryu’s later expansions, to Montreal—Trudeau Airport and Carrefour Laval mall remain open (and also remain among the better eating options at either location).

PLATEAU — A sign of the times on the (formerly?) dingy lower end of Parc Avenue, as the massive Second Cup that resembled some kind of alpine chalet has closed — yes, the 24-hour one with the very large terrasse that held a fabled place in many McGill students’ hearts. In keeping with the, uh, upwardly mobile direction of the street, it is being transformed into an “urban cafeteria”. It hasn’t gone unnoticed for current and former residents of the so-called McGill Ghetto.

Seen any bankruptcy notices or papered-over windows in your neighbourhood? Tell us about it.


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