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Say Hello to Chinatown’s Lovely New Crepe And Waffle Stand

Sweet ‘n’ savoury street eats

La Cabane de Danny

Chinatown just got a host of new handheld eats in the form of La Cabane de Danny (or Danny Hut) — a new stand on the corner of Clark and Gauchetière.

Eater tipster Bruno spotted Danny tucked between Dragon Beard Candy and Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot, with a line up despite having been open just a few days.

Danny’s offerings include Chinese crepes, or jianbing, with a range of savoury fillings (vegetables, meat, egg, cheese) and sauces, and served in a wrapped-up, handheld format. Jianbing — a street food usually eaten at breakfast — are relatively uncommon in Montreal, but coincidentally, Danny is the second purveyor of the crepes to arrive in town recently.

Crepes aside, Danny’s other main focus is egg puffs — or egg waffles, another street food, common in Hong Kong. The crispy but fluffy dough is also a handheld snack — you choose your batter, an ice cream flavour, and fill it with a range of syrups, candies, and fruit, giving an end product something like this:

La Cabane de Danny

Milkshakes — in banana, strawberry, or avocado — round out the offerings. Check the full menu right here.


STATUS — La Cabane de Danny (Danny Hut) is now open at 52A de la Gauchetière West, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days.

La Cabane de Danny

52A Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H2Z 1C1 Visit Website

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