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Beachy Venice Opens A Second Location Downtown Today

Double the California cuisine

Venice, the healthy, California vibes restaurant that opened up in Old Montreal last year has apparently proved popular (indeed, it was critically-approved, too) — just 12 months after opening, it spawns a twin, starting today.

Also called Venice — or Venice Two, if you like, it’s an upsized operation on Beaver Hall in the former Bagel Expressions, seating 70 — and it will have another 50 seat terrasse out front.

Principal Charles Manceau tells Eater that he’s confident the demand is there for a new one, as he had customers hiking over to the St-Francois-Xavier location.

“I had people coming all the way from Beaver Hall to here and asking why we didn’t open another one because it was too far.”

Lunch is the focus to begin with (brunch and evening hours will be added later on, though), and Manceau says he’ll put plenty of energy into take-out, given the location.

“Have you seen Victoria Square? Or in front of the W Hotel? It’s full of people so when it’s sunny and 30 [degrees] outside, people want to go down there and enjoy the summer because we’ve been living in this hell for six months. So I want to do a lot of take out.”

Venice Two will stick to the same menu — with Hawaiian fish bowl poke, alongside avocado toast, tacos, and more. The terrasse will obviously be in action once it’s warmer out, and the venue has a bar license, so it’ll be a 5 à 7 option, though Manceau isn’t pushing it as a bar.

Inside, it’s the similar Venice Beach inspired decor — check it out below.

This is just part one of a whole lot of planned expansions for Venice — the Old Montreal location is set to get a major upgrade in coming months with the addition of a take-out and ice cream counter, and not one, but two bars — one focused on tequila and mezcal, and a bigger, all-purpose bar named Boho — Eater will have more details closer to their opening dates.

Venice (Beaver Hall)

1045 Côte du Beaver Hall, Montréal, QC H2Z 1S5 Visit Website