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Foodchain’s Vegetarian Bowls Are Set to Strike Downtown’s Lunch Scene

With big names associated — including Montréal Plaza


Whoever predicted so-called “plant-based” meals as an up-and-coming food trend was right — first, Old Montreal got stylish vegan-vegetarian resto LOV last December, now downtown is getting a rather au courant fast casual eatery named Foodchain.

The social media attention around the place initially suggests that it could just be another downtown lunch spot that’s all design and no substance — until you take a look at who’s involved. Montréal Plaza co-owners and chefs Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson, and Hof Kelsten baker-owner Jeffrey Finkelstein are all tied in to some extent, according to the Huffington Post. The McGill College location’s interior comes from designer about town, Zebulon Perron.

The offerings are strictly salad and salad-adjacent — (“bowls”, in fast casual jargon) — not dissimilar to US-based chain Sweetgreen. There are eight selections, with prep done by hand in front of customers (i.e. no pre-chopped vegetables in plastic), ranging from earthy cauliflower-mushroom with parsley and feta, to spicy radish-kimchi. Each comes with its own specific dressing, with prices around the $10 point. It’s all highly vegetarian-friendly, with meat nowhere to be seen at this stage.

Bowls aside, the only other menu option appears to be “pain magique”, which HuffPo describes as some sort of combination of croissant and cheese curds.

Foodchain appears to have its sights set on expansion and possibly franchising — the inaugural location is billed as a prototype; apparently a testing the possibility of exporting the business around Quebec. Take a look at what they’re putting forward, courtesy of the people who got inside for a trial run this week.

Foodchain! Ouverture le lundi 15 mai! #eatfoodchain

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Bon frais, rapide!

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STATUS — Foodchain opens Monday May 15 at 1212 McGill College downtown. Open seven days from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.


1212 Avenue McGill College, Ville-Marie, QC H3B 4J8 Visit Website