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Watch Libertine’s Nick Kemball Finish Pastry With A Record Player

Spin that tartlet right round

Libertine Bakehouse’s banana, pecan, and pasilla chili tartlet

Libertine Bakehouse has been open in Saint-Henri since last December — there, owner and patissier Nick Kemball (formerly of Patrice Patissier and Grumman ‘78) has been getting creative with fresh approaches to pastry and the flavours inside. Case in point: the use of miso in a Paris Brest filling to meld sweet and umami into one intriguing whole.

Eater photographer Randall Brodeur recently dropped by the patisserie’s Atwater Avenue location to catch Kemball at work.

Here, he’s putting a banana, pasilla chili, and pecan tartlet together. Here, he spreads a pecan and pasilla chili croustillant in the base of the tart shell, before piping in a banana cream. He levels it and clean the edges of the tart shell — then as a fun finale, it's finished by placing it on a record player, which spins as more cream is piped on, allowing for an even spiral finish.

Libertine Bakehouse

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