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Sherbrooke Craft Brewery Siboire Lands in Montreal Today

In a plus-size Mile End location


Its garish yellow signs have been prominently displayed on the corner of St-Laurent and Laurier for several months, and today (May 9), the Mile End location of Sherbrooke brewpub Siboire touches down.

Siboire has two bars in Sherbrooke, along with a retail operation (billed as a dépanneur), the oldest of which is around a decade old. This is the small company’s first venture outside the Eastern Townships. They’re jumping straight in with a pretty big operation — the corner space fits 175 people, according to beer blog Bières et Plaisirs, with around 40 employees. Somewhere in the realm of one million dollars went into preparing the bar, which is just metres from another brewpub, the often-overcrowded Dieu du Ciel on Laurier and Clark.

Siboire’s St-Laurent location (pre-unveiling)

Expect 12 house beers on tap, but they’re not brewed on-site — it would appear that they’re coming in from the Sherbrooke home base. Siboire’s style, which has resonated well in its hometown, is more robust brews — IPAs and other ales figure prominently, and the brewers stick away from experimenting with ingredients like chocolate, coffee, and whatnot — a trend that’s evident in some craft breweries in the States.

The Mile End location will do pub food — the menu is yet to be revealed. La Presse got an early look at the bar and its wood-heavy detailing — compared to the average brewpub it’s a touch heavy on the branding, but nonetheless, a swell-looking beer hall.

STATUS — Siboire St-Laurent is open at 5101 St-Laurent as of 6 p.m. May 9.


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