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St-Henri Portuguese Restaurant Gets Paint-Bombed

Hit for the second time

Posted by 3734 on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Notre-Dame West Portuguese restaurant 3734 was struck by a paint-bombing overnight.

A vandal (or vandals) smashed one of the restaurant’s windows, and flung white paint throughout the premises. While beyond the broken window, the damage is relatively superficial, the paint coating is fairly thorough: pictures from the restaurant show it across glasses, tableware, walls, the bar, floors, and beyond. The number of people involved is unclear, since it happened while the restaurant was closed.

This isn’t the first time 3734 has been targeted for vandalism — about a year ago, the restaurant’s grocery counter (now closed) was looted and damaged by around 30 people in masks. Past incidents (including one with nearby bar Ludger just a few weeks ago) have typically been carried out by anarchist groups (sometimes billing themselves as anti-gentrification activists), although nobody has claimed responsibility on this one.

Why some restaurants and businesses and not others are targeted remains a mystery — in just a year, 3734 has been hit twice, while other businesses that could be put in a similar category are left alone. In any case, the 3734 owners have taken it well, calling it “quite pretty from an artistic point of view”, saying that the restaurant will be open tonight.

Cette nuit notre restaurant le 3734 a été (encore) victime de vandalisme. Vitrine défoncée et tout le local aspergé de...

Posted by 3734 on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Restaurant 3734

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