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Pizzeria Heirloom Is Coming to Improve Hochelaga’s Pizza Options

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From the folks behind État-Major


Promenade Ontario in Montreal’s east is getting a fine new pizza option later this summer, from bring-your-own-wine royalty Dominic Laflamme, Vincent Chatelais, and Nicolas Ficuciello (État-Major, Le Quartier Général).

Laflamme tells Eater that simple takes on Neapolitan-style pies will be the focus at Heirloom, adding something new to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve’s options.

“We’re not remaking the world here, you’re going to find the classic margarita, a nice vegetarian the neighbourhood our closest competitor will be Pizza Pizza.”

The menu will be rounded out with a small selection of pasta dishes (with pasta made in-house), and salads, with Ficuciello (currently at the burners at État-Major) heading up the dining options.

Laflamme is stepping away from BYOB service with Heirloom — he says he’s putting a wine, with natural and biodynamic options.

“It’s not going to be 100% Italian wine but 100% good wine. Wine by the glass [will be] under seven dollars, making us probably the cheapest wine in the neighbourhood.”

Inside, Heirloom will fittingly have an Italian trattoria feel to it. The interior is being put together by Labrie Design Studio, who worked on État-Major and Le Quartier Général, and will feature terracotta tiling, and an open kitchen with pizzaiolos on full view. All up, the space will seat 65 (with a further eight bar seats, and a take-out area).

As for the choice of location? Laflamme says it’s conveniently close to État-Major, but notes that foot traffic around the promenade is a big boost.

“It’s amazing how many people are walking around, we start our evening with around 25 people booked and end with 75.”

Expect Heirloom to open in late August.


212 Savannah Road, , DE 19958 (302) 313-4065 Visit Website