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French Culinary Legend Pierre Koffman is Cooking at Maison Publique Next Month

For the restaurant’s fifth birthday

Pierre Koffman
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Derek Dammann’s Plateau gastropub and go-to for Canadian cuisine Maison Publique is turning five in the coming weeks and to celebrate, Michelin-starred French chef Pierre Koffman, known for London restaurant La Tante Claire, will get behind the burners with Dammann.

Koffman and Dammann will be joined by one more notable chef — San Francisco’s Chris Consentino, known for his restaurants Incanto and Cockscomb, as well as for winning season four of TV competition Top Chef Masters.

The three are putting on a special, one-night-only dinner at Maison Publique on Friday September 1, with each chef cooking two courses of a six-course meal.

The menu will feature a few surprises, and while many of the details are under wraps for now, Koffman will prepare his signature pig’s trotters dish.

Dammann tells Eater that he didn’t really have to ask Koffman to take part in the event — after meeting Koffman at the Melbourne Food and Wine festival in Australia last year, his wife contacted Dammann to say Koffman “would love to do a dinner with [him].”

“This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to taste his food.”

Chris Consentino
Jackrabbit / via Eater Portland

Consentino and Koffman also know each other (and it has been previously established that Consentino is a Maison Publique enthusiast), so on account of that the atmosphere will be relaxed and convivial, rather than overly formal.

“It’s just about having a good time, sort of celebrating the anniversary with cool party.”

While Consentino and Koffman have had different career paths, and slightly different styles — Consentino leans towards Italian, with Koffman doing Gascon cuisine (from France), Dammann notes that there’s some clear overlap between the two, particularly in terms of their use of offal.

Consentino is also releasing a cookbook, Offal Good, during his Montreal trip.

Despite a successful five years at Maison Publique and a big-name event to celebrate, Dammann says he’s just pleased that diners want to keep visiting.

“I’m just happy that people still like us — obviously when you open a restaurant you want to think about long term and we’re very fortunate to have made it this far.”

“After five years we finally put in an espresso machine — after five years of people saying ‘what do you mean you don’t have [espresso] coffee?’”

Tickets to the event are $175 for the six-course dinner (drinks not included), and can be reserved by calling Maison Publique at 514-507-0555.

Maison Publique

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