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NDG is Getting a New Vegan-Vegetarian Restaurant

This one’s on Sherbrooke

Ashley’s Health Bar

NDG’s vegetarian and vegan options are getting a boost, as health-conscious newcomer Ashley’s Health Bar is set to open later this month.

It takes over a former office space on Sherbrooke West at Belgrave, and will be both a lunch and dinner spot. According to owner Sina Amiraslani, the menu will have something of a clean-eating focus (smoothies, power bowls, konjac noodles). It should also hold some appeal for both non-vegetarians and vegans or vegetarians who might want something a little outside the health food realm — gluten-free pizza, chickpea fries, and veggie burgers, to name a few.

While a take-out counter will be on site, Ashley’s is to be more of a sit-down place — accompanied by a list of craft beers and wine (including vegan options — as wines can be processed with animal products, a dealbreaker for some vegans).

Obviously, it’ll be all meat-free, and while some dairy will be on the menu, there will be ample vegan options (also, vegan cheeses, almond, soy, and coconut milks).

Amiraslani says he’s keeping the 55-seat space minimalist, with the original bricks and hundred-year-old wooden floors, and a terrasse in future.

NDG isn’t home to city’s big-shot vegetarian restaurants (Aux Vivres, Green Panther), but has a small number of meat-free eateries: Mouton Vert, Vegan Rapide, and Juicy Lotus Cafe. Amiraslani says he thinks the neighbourhood is ripe for a new option with some healthy fare.

“I was born and raised in NDG, I love NDG, I find it’s a hidden jewel of Montreal...I also went to [Concordia] Loyola, and whenever I was looking for food, for something wasn’t there.”

Expect Ashley’s Health Bar to open this month, possibly within the next two weeks.


5942 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Côte-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, QC H4A 1X7 (514) 369-7566 Visit Website