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Fabergé Gets An Evening Farm-to-Table Pop-Up This Week [Updated]

From the people behind the St-Henri sugar shack this year

Tomato and cucumber salad with whipped goat cheese
Terra Perma

Update (September 15): The pop-up has changed its name to Terra Perma Chez Fabergé — the previous name, La Recolte, is already in use by a Bélanger Street restaurant.

Mile End brunch restaurant Fabergé will be open evenings through the end of October, but it won’t really be Fabergé — agricultural co-op Terra Perma from the Laurentians is moving in to run a pop up.

Terra Perma also ran a pop up sugar shack in March and April this year, at St-Henri’s Café Rose de Lima. They’re a community of farmers committed to sustainable development, growing and foraging produce on 800 acres of land about 50 kilometres west of Saint-Sauveur.

The menu will focus more on small plates, with mostly vegetarian options, wholly sourced from Terra Perma, including tempura chanterelles with a soy-maple-vinegar sauce, and marinated carrots with herbs. Terra Perma also promises to bring some lesser-known wild plants to the plates, too. There’ll be a small number of meat dishes, sourced from Laurentians farm La Ferme Rouge Vallée.

Laurence Barchichat of Terra Perma tells Eater that with her team from Terra Perma working in the restaurant, the aim is to draw a direct line between food producers and consumers.

“It’s about making people extremely aware of where their food is coming from, we’re also putting a human touch on the people who make the food and grow the food... really forging a bond.”

Barchichat adds that the food will be simple, highlighting flavours directly from the Laurentian forests.

“It’s about celebrating good real food...we’re not dressing it up; there’s so much food with its flavour completely masked.”

The same all-local approach will cross over to drinks: Terra Perma at Fabergé will have cocktails including a spruce infused vodka martini with pickled spruce buds, and a bourbon lemonade but with sumac (the berry, offering a similar tartness) in place of lemon.

A small selection of organic wines, and beer from Boréale will also be offered.

They’ll also sell produce and conserves from a farmer’s market-like stall out front of Fabergé during the same period.

STATUS — Terra Perma’s pop-up is open at Fabergé (25 Fairmount West) Thursdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. to midnight, and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to late, starting Thursday September 14 (this week), running until October 28.


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