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Pop-Up Bar Made of Over a Million Lego Pieces Is Coming to Montreal This Year

Just what we needed?


Got Peter Pan syndrome, or just childhood nostalgia so intense that a few hours of binge-watched cartoons won’t fix it? Then here’s something for you: a pop-up bar made of over one million Lego bricks, which is slated to arrive in Montreal some time this year, and will also tour cities including London (UK), Los Angeles and New York.

It’s named Legobar and even though nobody asked for it, it’s coming to a number of cities, — unlike other gimmicky pop-up bars like the Christmas-themed Miracle (which set up shop simultaneously in numerous cities), it looks to be a travelling event, stopping in one city at a time, likely because finding people both capable of and bored enough to want to spend days clicking together a few hundred kilograms of Legos is not the easiest challenge.

According to the bar’s website, it will feature Lego sculptures, but patrons will also be allowed to play with Lego themselves — the site labels it an “Adult-playground”, with unnecessary hyphen.

While hordes of drunk adults and poky pieces of choking hazard-sized plastic might not seem like the ideal night out, it seems like the people behind it are expecting a high demand: the site has the option to sign up for pre-release tickets (the implication is that the bar might not be just open for customers to walk in, either).

The bar isn’t affiliated with the company behind Lego in any way (that’s made clear on the website), so one would assume that the people behind the bar have obtained the rights to use Lego’s name — if they haven’t, then they could face legal trouble. (Eater has reached out to a Lego representative for comment.)

This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to cash in on some kind of latent arrested development amongst the population: after all, there’s a “Harry Potter-themed but not actually Harry Potter-themed” bar that has been open in Montreal for nearly a year (and much longer in Toronto).