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Oh-So-Comforting Plateau Resto Landry & Filles is Closed Permanently

No more stuffing fritters

Landry & Filles, Montreal's Surprise Restaurant of 2015 Landry & Filles/Fabrice Gaetan

One of the early victims of 2018 is food truck turned restaurant Landry & Filles, which announced its closure on social media this week.

Unfortunately, there’s no warning on this one — the Facebook and Instagram posts declared that December 30 had been the final service for the restaurant.

Landry & Filles opened as a food truck in 2013, then as a restaurant in 2015, under owners Marc Landry, Josée-Ann Landry and Lisa-Marie Veillette. While restaurants serving “comfort food but fancy” have been fairly common in the city in recent years, Landry & Filles did an exemplary version of it, doing both hearty classics like roasted chicken, and playful new creations, like a Scotch egg with crab or even stuffing fritters. That food scored the team plenty of positive reviews, as well as a nomination for Eater’s Restaurant of the Year in 2015.

It’s not immediately apparent whether just the Papineau Avenue restaurant is closed, or whether Landry & Filles is giving up its food truck as well. Given that the City of Montreal requires food trucks to be anchored to some kind of brick and mortar restaurant, the trio might be automatically forced to give up the truck. On top of that, the farewell “obituary” posted to social media features the dates 2013 to 2017 as Landry’s lifespan — perhaps this is reading too far into it, but 2013 was when the truck itself started out, so it seems like they could be declaring the whole enterprise to be defunct — extra sad news.

Landry & Filles

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