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Verdun’s New Neighbourhood Bar is Here With Cocktails and Roasted Chicken

Covering all bases

Bar Social

Verdun’s Wellington promenade has a new drinking establishment in the form of Bar Social, which has officially opened its doors.

As Eater previously reported, Bar Social comes from the owners of popular Sud-Ouest haunts Drinkerie Ste Cunégonde (known for cocktails) and Bar de Courcelle (St-Henri’s all-purpose neighbourhood hang) — that’s Eric Lefrancois, Alex Lejeune and Jesse Lee Fafard.

They’re joined by Drinkerie bartender Vic Lamontagne, who casually woodworked up a 60-foot island bar for the space, along with a couple of communal tables, and over a dozen smaller ones — Lamontagne previously said she wanted something “that looks unlike anywhere else”, and a host of custom-made interiors is certainly one way to achieve that.

In terms of offerings, it’s a well-rounded spot for locals: the cocktails lean classic with a Pimm’s cups, Old Fashioneds, and mojitos — with the Drinkerie people behind it, these should be rather reputable. There’s also beer from Bromont microbrewery West Shefford, and cider on tap.

As promised, the food offerings centre around roasted chicken — order a half or full bird with salsa verde or gravy, and add on classic sides such as roasted or mashed potatoes or coleslaw. There’s also smaller pubby eats such as French onion soup, mushroom ravioli, and a small but handsome selection of small vegetable plates.

Bar Social

Bar Social becomes one of a tiny handful of watering holes in Verdun, since the borough effectively didn’t issue alcohol permits for bars until 2014 (with the exception of brewpub Benelux, which took advantage of an exception allowing for booze produced within the neighbourhood). Social joins Bar Palco and pub Balconville as one of the few places to (legally) get a drink without there without buying food.

STATUS — Bar Social is open at 3819 Wellington Street in Verdun — hours are to be 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily.

Bar Social Verdun

3819 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1V1 (438) 387-7828 Visit Website