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Much-Loved Plateau Sushi Spot Slings Spicy Rolls at Westmount

A casual sushi revolution for the neighbourhood

Spicy tuna roll
Saint Sushi/Facebook

Westmount has a hot new sushi option, as Plateau favourite Saint Sushi has brought its myriad makis to Greene Avenue.

Over six years on Duluth on the Plateau, Saint has been a neighbourhood go-to on the affordable end of the scale, with its mix of classics — spicy tuna and salmon rolls, for example — as well as its own creations, like the green apple and sashimi combo, or the oddball, conical Sapin de Noël tartare-type dish.

It’s the first expansion for Saint Sushi, and not the only sushi spot to make a move on the Anglo neighbourhood in recent months, after Ryú opened up late in the summer, bringing a matcha café with it.

Of course, Westmount’s sushi destination is still Antonio Park’s eponymous restaurant on the other side of the neighbourhood — but as one of Montreal’s most iconic dining destinations, it’s not exactly a casual haunt for a no-fuss nigiri.

STATUS — Saint Sushi is open at 1359 Greene Avenue in Westmount from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4:30 to 11 p.m. (opening days still to be confirmed).

Saint Sushi (Westmount)

1359 Avenue Greene, Westmount, QC H3Z 2A9 Visit Website

Saint Sushi Bar

424 Avenue Duluth Est, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2L 1A3 (514) 507-7537 Visit Website