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Northern Montreal Borough Bans New Wood-Fired Ovens in Restaurants

And other food news, including changes for Manoir Hovey

Inside Grill N Go, one of few Ahuntsic restaurants that burns wood
Grill N Go/Facebook

AHUNTSIC-CARTIERVILLE — In what could be shaping up to be the next multi-chapter restaurant-centric drama in Montreal, the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville has voted to ban new restaurants with wood-fired ovens and grills, reports the CBC. The borough implemented the ban to ensure good air quality, in line with an existing ban on burning wood in residential homes (with a few exceptions). But there’s a very key concession here — it’s only a ban on newcomers, so existing restaurants with such ovens can keep on operating as normal. That means on the ground, there’s really no change here — it’s unclear why the CBC cites various Ahuntsic restaurants complaining about the rule, given that they have a green light to keep doing what they were doing. In any case, there are only a handful of restaurants in the borough burning wood.

The big drama will likely come if the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough decides to make a move on such restaurants. Yet, the CBC notes that if that happens, it’ll likely include a similar clause, meaning existing institutions will be safe. Montreal’s public health office is currently studying the impact of wood ovens on air quality and will issue a report soon.

Francis Wolf (left) at Manoir Hovey
Manoir Hovey/Facebook

EASTERN TOWNSHIPS — Chef Francis Wolf has departed prestigious Manoir Hovey restaurant Le Hatley. He’s making a big change — his new role is at Sherbrooke brewery Siboire, where an Eater tipster suggests he’ll be fully overhauling the menu, bringing in a focus on local products, and doing beer pairings. Siboire does have a Montreal location, but it’s unclear if the gastronomic transformation will apply to that one, or just the original Depot in Sherbrooke.

ALL OVER — Bas Pour Bulles (or Socks For Bubbly) is back this year — at a host of restaurants around Montreal, if diners donate a pair of socks for the homeless, they’ll receive a free glass of sparkling wine. As always, it’s spearheaded by Gus owner David Ferguson and participating restaurants include Mon Lapin, Santa Barbara, Tuck Shop, Nora Gray, Pastaga, and a bunch more. It runs November 19 to 25.

Quoi de B’Oeuf/Facebook

LITTLE BURGUNDY — Breakfast spot Quoi de N’Oeuf has done a rebrand of sorts — by night, it’s now Quoi de B’Oeuf with a hearty neighbourhoody menu of tartares, chowder, burgers, and saucy meat dishes.