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A Hearty Québécois Bouchon Is Headed to Petite-Patrie

From some of the people behind the Plateau’s Chasse-Galerie

Coeur de Loup’s location, the former Zéro8
Arthur B./Yelp

The people behind Plateau locavore restaurant Chasse-Galerie have a casual new project in the works: a “Québécois bouchon” that will arrive in Petite-Patrie this winter.

Named Coeur de Loup, it will take over the Bélanger Street location that was Zéro8, the restaurant that catered to allergy sufferers, closed since last summer. On board is Chasse-Galerie’s Vianney Godbout, his co-owner Carl Gaulthier, and two new owner, Nicolas Corneli and Hudrick Durand.

Since opening in 2016, Chasse-Galerie leaned towards being somewhat of a fine dining restaurant, winning praise for its woodsy fare like venison, and mushroom-studded dishes, courtesy of chef Alexandre St-Amand. Coeur de Loup will take that vibe and render it more casual — Godbout compares it to a Lyon-style bouchon with a Montreal twist.

Coeur de Loup’s logo
Coeur de Loup/Facebook

Godbout looks to France on his mom’s side, and notes that casual, approachable bistros aren’t so common here, so Coeur de Loup is aiming to fill that gap.

“The ambiance will be a little bit sugar’s a more festive, accessible restaurant, plus convivial, the kind of place where you can go multiple times a week.”

While the menu is still in the works, expect warming dishes like a veal blanquette (a white French stew), sugar shack-style porcelet shoulder, and flatbreads, drawing some inspiration from the Alsatian, pizza-adjacent flammekueche. Then for dessert, expect the probably rather rich kouign-amann pouding chômeur.

The restaurant will also offer microbrewery beers and Godbout promises a great by-the-glass wine selection. The 50-seat space is also set to get a major makeover from its past life as Zéro8 — details on that are yet to come.

Expect Coeur de Loup to open in February.

Coeur de Loup

1141 Rue Bélanger, Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie, QC H2S 1H6 (514) 278-5687 Visit Website

Le Chasse-Galerie

4110 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2W 2M5 (514) 419-9601 Visit Website