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It Looks Like Big in Japan’s Restaurant Has Closed For Good

And other closures to note

Big in Japan/Facebook

PLATEAU — St-Laurent Japanese-ish restaurant Big in Japan appears to have disappeared from the map, a few weeks after another eatery belonging to the same owner, Banh Mi Queen, also folded. Eater reported that closure in October, noting that Big in Japan, located right next door, was closed but with signs in the window indicating that it was a temporary shutter. That’s no longer the case, it seems — Le Journal de Montréal reports that the restaurant is officially done, and not coming back. Eater has reached out to confirm, but in an ominous sign, the restaurant’s phone was disconnected.

While Big in Japan’s popular bar further up the street is still open, it seems that owner Andre Nguyen’s empire has otherwise crumbled — attempted Chinese restaurant Maison June Rose never took off, and now with dual closures at more or less the same time, it has been demoted from “restaurant group” to just one establishment.

Julien B./Yelp

HOCHELAGA — Long-time Ontario East casse-croûte La Québécoise Hot Dog (or just La Québécoise) quietly closed down in its iconic orange-and-white premises sometime in recent weeks. The east end go-to for steamés and poutines was put on the market last winter, yet it seems nobody wanted to take it over. (Repeated health code fines probably didn’t help.)

CHINATOWN — St-Laurent ramen spot Toma San has closed its doors, and it seems like this location on St-Laurent near Viger is becoming quite the revolving door. Seafood chain the Captain’s Boil also only managed a short stay at the same address about a year ago.

PLATEAU — Short-lived chocolaterie Chocostyle has departed its location on Rachel, just east of St-Laurent. The import from the Laurentians only moved in earlier this year to try its luck with a city location.

Big in Japan

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