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Latin Quarter Gets a New Hyper-Canadian Bar Complete With Moose Head

Welcome Le Saint-Moose

Karl Jessy/Le Saint-Moose

The Latin Quarter’s bar strip welcomes a rather patriotic newcomer in the form of bar Le Saint-Moose, now open near St-Denis.

It takes over the former Loup Garou space, bringing a large space decked out with a sizeable helping of Canadiana, and comes from the duo of Darren Roy (of the former Loup Garou as well as former Plateau spot Sofa Bar), alongside Jonathan Richardson of Italian snack bar Fiorellino.

Richardson tells Eater that he was looking for a woodsy, chalet or cottage-like feel; a homey space that Monsieur et Madame Tout Le Monde can partake in.

“With the moose, the [two] terrasses we’re going to have — I’m looking for that chasse et pêche feel.”

With predominantly Canadian vodkas, gin, whisky, and rum, and with decor ranging from moose head to snow shoes, the bar has certainly nailed down that Canadiana theme (although there’s a neon sign bearing the word “selfie”, which seems not quite as tailored to the theme, but it’s no big issue) — take a look.

Karl Jessy/Le Saint-Moose
Karl Jessy/Le Saint-Moose
Karl Jessy/Le Saint-Moose
Karl Jessy/Le Saint-Moose
Karl Jessy/Le Saint-Moose

Saint-Moose is aiming for a pub approach — so beyond drinks (including seven beers on tap and a small cocktail list), there’s a menu of comforting plates running the gamut from a rather Canadian sausage-onion poutine and shrimp guédille, through to mac and cheese, mussels, and an aioli-leek beer tartare.

Come summer, it’ll get a lot bigger, adding two terrasses (in the front and behind the building) with 80 seats on top of the 80 seats inside.

STATUS — Le Saint-Moose is open at 1738 Ontario East from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday to Saturday (hours are likely to expand later); its grand opening takes place February 21.

Le Saint-Moose

1738 St-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3K6