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Plateau Café Says It Wants to Introduce Black Mirror-Style VR Service By 2049

Santropol’s dreamy terrasse and cream cheese-laden sandwiches will come with a nightmarish twist


Mangez! Tant que vous le pouvez! Car, qui sait ce que vais réserve le futur! Le présent c’est maintenant au Santropol! --- Eat! And enjoy life now, because who knows what dining experiences lurk in the future. The now is at Santropol!

Posted by Café Santropol on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

If you’re going to make a promotional video for your business, you should probably make something attention-grabbing — and that’s certainly what Plateau café Santropol has done this week.

The St-Urbain Street spot known for its dreamy terrasse and cream cheese-laden sandwiches has put together a parody of Netflix sci-fi horror series Black Mirror. And it’s on point, from the opening credits to the use of fictional brain-sensor technology, to the overwhelmingly nightmarish quality of what the future may bring.

The video (see above, or over here) is ostensibly a preview of the café’s, uh, “plan”, to introduce virtual reality technology into its service sometime between now and 2049. In the words of one of the video’s producers:

Our sixth wave cafe restaurant Santropol (est. 1976) has decided to embrace the future of restaurant technology by offering our customers a fully functional virtual reality experience...full scale implementation is expected by 2049 (the video is a speculation of how customers will interact with the technology).

Without spoiling, it seems that the future will bring robotic (yet still bilingual) servers, a crushingly disappointing lack of menu options, and sweet release from corporeality. Can’t wait.

Café Santropol

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