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This Kid-Friendly Café Is Open on the Plateau Right Now

Here’s Café Ze Yéti

Facebook/Café Ze Yéti

The Plateau is home to a brand new kid-friendly café as of Monday (February 19) — the playfully named Café Ze Yéti has arrived on Marie-Anne, to the east of St-Denis Street.

According to community publication Pamplemousse, the owner is mom of three Cynthia Janssen, who took over a space previously occupied by bicycle store Garantie Bicycle until fall 2017.

The space features a game room set towards the back of the space, with a calmer area up front for parents to caffeinate and sit in peace. That section features furniture specifically designed for kids — in fact, Janssens didn’t skimp on design, enlisting Plateau-based architecture firm Perch to put together a woody space. The initial images on Facebook suggest it does a nice job of being kid-friendly, without making parents feel infantilized — no easy feat.

On offer is a range of espresso drinks, and homey baked goods, no doubt with some options tailored to younger and pickier eaters.

Pamplemousse notes that kid-friendly cafés haven’t been particularly common in the city — several like Tasse Gamine went out of business; although Biscuits and Confetti, which opened in 2017 in NDG, has apparently succeeded, likely helped by using its space for a wide range of activities.

But Janssens seems cut out for the job — she’s well-connected to the Plateau parental hivemind via community hub Carrefour des Petits Soleils, and has prior experience with the hospitality world.

STATUS — Café Ze Yéti is open at 857 Marie-Anne East, between St-André and St-Christophe.

Café Ze Yéti

857 Rue Marie-Anne Est, Montréal, QC H2J Visit Website