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Waffles on Sticks Are Now a Thing in Old Montreal

But how do the toppings stay on?


Old Montreal has welcomed a new counter dedicated to serving waffles on sticks, complete with toppings.

The name is Lapop, and it takes over the space in front of bar Boho, right next door to Californian restaurant Venice on Saint-Francois-Xavier.

The concept is fairly straightforward: waffles are served on sticks, and topped with a range of berries, fruit, nuts, coconut, chocolate, and more. It seems that they’re served in small take-out trays to catch toppings — it also seems that the optimal method for eating them is to hold them horizontally, to prevent the toppings from falling off. That said, it seems that the people behind Lapop have engineered some sort of stickiness to keep the toppings stuck on the waffles, at least judging from the photo above, where a hand daringly holds the snack vertically.

Lapop isn’t the first stick ‘n’ waffle outlet in Montreal — there’s also Bar à Gaufre, which is opened in Parc-Extension in 2017, although its waffle-sticks are rather different in form.

Those waffles appear to be not the only stick-based confection available at Lapop — also on offer are Boozipops, alcoholic popsicles available in five cocktail flavours, including margarita, martini, and mojito. They’re produced by a company of the same name, and feature a modest-but-not-insignificant five percent alcohol content.

Then there are Lovpops — fancy popsicles made with cane sugar, in a range of fruity flavours (with no booze). With hot and cold treats on sticks, it’s not a bad idea for an all-season shop.

STATUS — Lapop is open at 436 Saint-Francois-Xavier from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday.


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