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Possibly Drunk Driver Smashes Into Laval Fast Food Resto Just 3 Days After Opening

Well, that was unfortunate

La Belle Province/Facebook

This week in unfortunate restaurant disasters: a Laval fast food spot was partially demolished by a possibly drunk driver, who crashed a car into the business just three days after it had opened.

Agence QMI (via Le Journal de Montréal) reports that a franchise of La Belle Province in Laval’s west end was smashed up in the middle of the night last weekend, with the car going right through to the kitchen, towards the back of the restaurant.

30-year-old restaurant owner Sam Daher says he was told that Laval police had been following the driver, who was apparently driving impaired. It appears that the driver may have been attempting to get away from the police when he lost control of the car, plowing it into the building. The driver was taken to hospital, while a passenger sustained minor injuries.

Daher told QMI that he had poured all of his savings into the restaurant — mercifully, he has insurance for his business, although it’s not clear how much of the damage will be covered; he mentioned that the damage is substantial enough that it could be a write-off.

This is certainly not the first time that catastrophe has befallen a local establishment in its opening days: just last year, Plateau restaurant Kiffin was burnt out of its premises less than a week after opening, due to a fire that broke out in a yoga studio above it.