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Verdun Loses One of Its Few Bars as Balconville Closes Permanently

But the people behind it have something else in the works


Verdun’s number of bars has just shrunk by 25 percent, as pub Balconville announced that it will not be reopening after major water damages on its premises earlier this winter.

Balconville closed in early January following a burst pipe on the third floor of its building that caused major flooding and damage (likely caused by a lengthy cold snap around the New Year). In the weeks that followed, social media updates said that the pub was working to reopen.

That’s no longer the case — over the weekend, Balconville’s team confirmed to Eater that “the Balconville adventure is unfortunately over”.

That takes Verdun’s bar count from four down to just three — Bar Palco, brewpub Benelux, and newcomer Bar Social. Until 2014, the borough did not issue bar permits (with the exception of Benelux, due to a loophole that allowed it to open if its beer was brewed within Verdun). A new bylaw allowed for bars on Wellington Street between Strathmore and 6th (and parts of Nuns’ Island, which is the same borough) — Balconville was the first establishment to make use of that new law when it opened in May 2015.

But it’s not the end for Balconville’s large team of principals — in a message to Eater and in a Facebook post, they announced a mystery new project near the corner of Wellington and Régina. Almost no details were offered — it’s known that it will take over the Time Pizza location at 3681 Wellington, and it’s expected to open this summer; there’s no word on even whether it will be a bar or a restaurant.


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