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Japanese Hot Dogs Are Making Their Way to Place-Des-Arts

But they’re actually kind of Canadian

An okonomiyaki hot dog from Vancouver’s Japadog

Japanese-style hot dogs are set to land in downtown Montreal in the near future as a counter by the name Hotto Doggu prepares to open right next to Place-des-Arts.

Hotto Doggu (which unsurprisingly means “hot dog” in Japanese) appears to be similar to popular Vancouver hot dog slinger Japadog. That company started as a hot dog cart in 2005 and has since expanded to seven Vancouver locations and two in Los Angeles (including a Japadog in New York that since closed), but it has no affiliated with this soon-to-open Montreal spot. Founded by a Japanese couple, Japadog has been credited as the creator of the decidedly untraditional fusion item that is the Japanese hot dog.

It’s unclear what will be on the menu at Hotto Doggu, but it seems reasonable to suggest that it could be similar. Notable items at Japadog include the okonomi, which is something along the lines of Japanese pancake okonomiyaki but in hot dog form with cabbage, Japanese mayo, and bonito flakes; there’s also a teriyaki dog. Generally speaking, there’s a lot of umami, and a good helping of sweet-and-savoury flavour combinations going on.

Hotto Doggu tells Eater that the menu is on the way next week, and the there’s a tentative opening date of May 9.

Hotto Doggu

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