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Popular Japanese Cheesecake Chain Uncle Tetsu Appears to Be Coming to Montreal

It’s known for drawing lines in Toronto

Uncle Tetsu Canada/Facebook

Obscenely popular Japanese cheesecake-maker Uncle Tetsu appears to be planning a Montreal location.

MTL Blog brought this news forward, as a reader or writer spotted a sign for the company on Pierce Street downtown, a block west of Concordia University. There has been no confirmation from the company itself as yet, and details are all rather vague: the sign, which bears the Uncle Tetsu logo, says “ouverture bientôt”, and nothing more. (Eater has reached out for details.)

The Fukuoka company serves light and not-quite-as-sugary takes on the baked dairy dessert. Its Toronto location draws huge lines on a near-daily basis. That was the first location outside Asia — now, Uncle Tetsu counts four Toronto locations (five, if two adjacent Bay Street locations are counted separately). It has also opened up in Australia, and some less-obvious places for international chains, such as Saudi Arabia and Myanmar (formerly Burma), and has expanded rapidly in recent years.

MTL Blog and its team of sentient typos did get the story somewhat wrong: the headline on the site loudly proclaims that “Montreal Is Getting Its First-Ever Japanese Cheese Cake Shop”. Unfortunately, a cursory Google search for “Japanese cheesecake Montreal” reveals Yoko Cheesecake has been open downtown in Les Cours Mont-Royal for around six months.

In any case, it does seem that Uncle Tetsu is coming to Montreal sometime this summer.