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Confirmed: Clubstaurant Buonanotte Is Definitely Not Coming Back

And other restaurant closure news

Raphael Mitchell/Buonanotte

PLATEAU — It’s been nearly two months since long-running Italian supper club Buonanotte closed its doors on St-Laurent. At the time, the Buonanotte restaurant group insisted that it was temporary, and that it would return to business in the near future. That’s no longer the case: for lease signs have appeared on the restaurant’s lower Plateau premises, and co-owner Massimo Lecas confirmed to Eater this week that Buonanotte is gone for good, primarily to a dispute with the building’s owner, Toronto-based Allied Properties REIT, over rent. Concerned about high rents, the Buonanotte group attempted to negotiate with Allied Properties, but the slow pace left the restaurant without staff.

“Waiting around...killed us, staff left, chefs left, the momentum was impossible.”

“We had an amazing run, it was an institution in Montreal, and a very sad end,” added Lecas.

In any case, the Buonanotte has a host of other projects in the work — it’s opening two businesses next to Guzzo Cinemas in St-Léonard in the next month, as well as a large Mile End location for casual pizza and pasta spot Fiorellino.

The Captain’s Boil/Facebook

CHINATOWN — Toronto restaurant transplants in Montreal often seem to have mixed degrees of success, and one that may not be doing so well is seafood restaurant the Captain’s Boil. The cookers of Cajun-style crawfish with a miscellaneous Asian touch appear to have closed their St-Laurent location down, but the Shaughnessy Village location (near Concordia University) is still open.

PLATEAU — Despite being closed for several months, French mainstay Laloux tells Eater it is indeed planning to reopen on Avenue des Pins. It closed back in January due to a burst pipe over the New Year’s cold snap, and while it certainly doesn’t take four months to clean up and repair from that kind of flooding, it seems the restaurant took the opportunity to do other renovations, leading to an extended (but not permanent) closure.


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