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Mile End Staple Nouveau Palais Is Expanding With a New Plateau Restaurant

Getting even more nouveau

Nouveau Palais/Facebook

After eight years in business, Mile End casual dining and drinking spot Nouveau Palais is set to get a whole lot bigger in the near future.

Owners Jacques Séguin and Mary-Martha Campbell are planning a new project in the Plateau location that comfort food restaurant Landry et Filles occupied until its closure last winter.

Séguin didn’t have any extra details to offer at present, but some small details in La Presse suggest that the Papineau Avenue location will be a Nouveau Palais 2.0, following a similar format to the original on Bernard, a converted diner that opened (or reopened, depending how one looks at it) in 2010, with fancied-up food options compared to the previous casse-croûte, New Palace, which occupied the same digs near Parc Avenue.

It’s not the only Nouveau Palais expansion of the moment: the brunch-burger-and-late-night-eats restaurant also purchased Landry et Filles’s food truck, and have converted it into a second Winneburger, the burger-slinging Nouveau Palais truck. The original truck will mostly sell at the city’s official food truck locations, while the new one will stick more to private events.

Nouveau Palais

281 Rue Bernard Ouest, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2V 1T5 (514) 273-1180 Visit Website

Nouveau Palais (Papineau)

4764 Avenue Papineau, Montréal, QC H2H 1V4 Visit Website