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Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake’s First Quebec Chapter Opens Today — And More Intel [Updated]

Plus a chef-driven grocery store throws open its doors uptown

Uncle Tetsu Montreal/Facebook

DOWNTOWN — Following a couple months of uncertainty as to its precise opening date, Eater has received word from Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake representatives that its Montreal location will be open today as of 9 a.m. The city can now boast access to the pastries that were heretofore only available in Canada via Toronto and Vancouver. The reputation of the bakery’s a strong one, as it’s been known to generate long lines of hungry fans at its Ontario locations. Why the excitement? Japanese cheesecake is known to contain much less sugar and dairy than the North American variety, and has no base of crushed cookies or graham crackers, resulting in a particularly fluffy dessert. While the opening day has been confirmed, the hours haven’t. As for the menu, they’re generally similar across all of Uncle Tetsu’s locations, so expect items honey madeleines, twice-baked rusk, and the signature cake (menu prices pictured below).

Uncle Tetsu (Supplied)

PETITE-PATRIE — The St-Hubert Plaza’s selection of foodstuffs receives a boost today with the grand opening of Épicerie Conserva, a “chef-driven grocery store” that features shopping, a bakery, a butcher, and catering services, as well as a small deli and coffee counter for more immediately peckish customers. A small seating area at the front will be making menu items from its charcuterie, starting with a fried mortadella sandwich with mustard, mayo, and pickles made on-site—the only thing not made there is the bread, sourced from Boulangerie Automne, and the coffee beans from 8 Oz. Owners Massimo Vincelli and Jon Barros are both alumni of Hoogan et Beaufort and Les 400 Coups, where they honed the kitchen skills that informs much of Conserva’s offerings. Vincelli tells Eater that the deli will hopefully morph into a meal counter for pasta, while sandwich selections will grow to include more seasonal vegetables and roasted Quebec meats in coming weeks.

VERDUN — Following on the growing trend for fur-friendly cafés in the city, the opening date for Montreal’s third and Verdun’s first cat café Café Chato has been set for August 13th. While coffee joints of this variety were only previously found in the the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, this is a first for the southwest corner of the island. “We will be serving local soft drinks, cofees, teas, chocolates and milshakes during summertime,” the owners tell Eater. “There will also be a choice of vegetarian and vegan toasts, croque-monsieurs, salads, soups and desserts. We plan to launch brunches as well on weekends.” All this will be accompanied by a boutique to purchase cat-themed ephemera, and if patrons want to adopt a new friend, the café will help facilitate communications with the refuge. Fans of felines and refreshments alike will can stay informed by following their Facebook page. [updated]

Uncle Tetsu

1408 Rue Pierce, Ville-Marie, QC H3H 2K2 (514) 938-5551 Visit Website

Café Chato

4933 Rue de Verdun, Verdun, QC H4G 1N4 (514) 581-3223 Visit Website

Épicerie Conserva

6604 Rue Saint-Hubert, Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie, QC H2S 2M3 (514) 274-4777 Visit Website