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Justin Trudeau And Queer Eye’s Antoni Are Throwing a Very Expensive Pride Brunch

Oh wait, it’s actually a political fundraiser

Liberal Party of Canada/Facebook

OLD MONTREAL — Fans of pretty yet somewhat bland men, rejoice: prime minister Justin Trudeau and “food expert” from Netflix series Queer Eye Antoni Porowski are throwing a brunch before this Sunday’s Montreal Pride Parade, and everybody’s invited to join at Hotel Nelligan. Well, everybody who has a casual $300 to throw down for tickets ($75 if you’re under 25). But be warned: it’s not just an innocent hangout between a celebrity and a celebrity politician, the event is actually a fundraiser for the Liberal Party of Canada, dressed up in a pride flag, so you’re not really paying to see a man in a Strokes t-shirt ham it up over hollandaise with the world’s most handsome oil-loving leader, you’re just paying for his re-election campaign. But maybe for those hundreds of dollars, you’ll walk away with some tips for avocado toast from Porowski, who is originally from Montreal — and maybe Trudeau will buy you a his heart.

AHUNTSIC — If it’s something more affordable and innovative you’re looking for, here’s a fun new wine event from the people at Fleury Street bistro-wine bar Les Cavistes: a competitive wine-matching dinner. Titled “The Battle of the Somm”, two sommeliers will face off to pair wines with five courses at the restaurant, with diners voting on which pairings are the most successful. The dinners cost $146.50 (including service and a robust volume of wine, it seems), and will take place every second Wednesday through November, starting next week (August 22); sommeliers from Maison Publique, Furco, Pullman, and Gatineau’s Soif will be among the competitors.

El Mercado del Taco/Facebook

ST-HENRI — There’s burger week, a cocktail festival, and now Montreal has an event dedicated just to tacos. El Mercado del Taco will go down on Sunday, September 9 at St-Ambroise’s canal-side bar, featuring vendors like El Rey del Taco, Caifan, Grumman ‘78, and Emiliano’s — but the $21 entry fee will nab you just one $3 coupon for a taco.

DOWNTOWN — Celebrated but also criticized Toronto chef Susur Lee is coming to town — he’ll be at Le Pois Penché on de Maisonneuve next Thursday (August 23). The founder of restaurant Lee will be mixing Southeast Asian fare with French techniques for the cool price of $350 (all in), with proceeds going to cancer research organization the Charles Bruneau Foundation.

Les Cavistes Fleury

192 rue Fleury Ouest, Montréal, QC H3L 1T6 (514) 508-5033 Visit Website

Terrasse Nelligan

106 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Ville-Marie, QC H2Y 1Z3 (514) 788-4021 Visit Website