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A Québécois Resto-Café From Bali Has Opened on the Plateau

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With smoothie bowls and avocado toast

Niçoise salad
Gab Jeté/Gypsy

A café, restaurant, and bar opened by a group of Quebecers in Bali has opened up a second location — and in a homecoming of sorts, it’s right in the middle of the Plateau.

Gypsy is the name, and it takes over the space that was formerly pan-Asian restaurant Kozu from A5 Hospitality (Jatoba, Kampai Garden), on Rachel Street at Berri. It looks like A5 has held onto the space, but the restaurant will feature a number of players at the helm: Kevin Latrem, who was behind the original Gypsy has returned to oversee operations. He’s joined by chef Robin Filteau-Boucher, who has experience from Laurea, Restaurant Hà and is known from season 2 of Radio-Canada’s Les Chefs! Speaking of Hà, its team of Flore-Anne Ducharme, Nic Urli , and Francisco Randez are also on board at Gypsy.

Gypsy’s original Bali location

The restaurant will be open day and night, and is going for a distinct surfy, tropical vibe with a dollop of health-consciousness. Gypsy will do breakfast, brunch, lunch, and evening services — expect toasts (yes, including avocado) and smoothie bowls in the morning. Lunch brings bowls (a poke option, a Korean take, and crispy rice), sandwiches, and salads, mostly coming in between $12 and $20.

With options like a niçoise and salmon gravlax, and a roasted cauliflower burger, it’s all quite light, and the menu has only a few really meaty options, mostly with chicken and beef. By night, the bar has a few classic cocktails (think Negronis and Old Fashioneds) alongside natural wines and some kombucha cocktail options. It’s worth noting that Gypsy isn’t an Indonesian restaurant — the original caters mostly to foreigners in the Balinese resort town of Canggu, yet a couple of nods to Indonesia are on the menu, with a tempeh curry and ample tropical fruits.

Gypsy’s Plateau location
Gab Jeté/Gypsy

The space itself is designed by Amlyne Phillips, and is rather stylized with plenty of plants and clean, white surfaces, dotted with cane or rattan chairs and couches, and some Indonesian fabrics. The restaurant’s statement says Gypsy will be both a neighbourhood haunt and a “refreshing spot for digital nomads” (that is, young folks who work from their laptops while travelling), so fittingly, it’s a little like the hashtag #wanderlust, converted into restaurant format.

Gab Jeté/Gypsy
Gab Jeté/Gypsy

STATUS — Gypsy is open at 500 Rachel East from 8 a.m. until late daily.


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