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Venice Owners Give St-Henri a Bronzed New Rum Bar This Week

Part of the former Ludger space

Ariane Tonka/Supplied

A new rum bar touches down on the Notre-Dame West strip of St-Henri today (January 23), with oh-so-tropical Broken Coconut arriving on the the corner of du Couvent.

It comes from the owners of Californian-leaning taco and poke spot Venice, which opened up in the neighbourhood last summer. Venice now has a trio of venues on that one corner, after owner Charles Manceau took over the spaces that used to be restaurant Ludger and wine bar Magdalena (the owner of those establishments decided to leave the industry).

Broken Coconut is located in the basement beneath bar Paper Plane (which is the former Magdalena space) another bar from Manceau, with Venice right next door.

Ariane Tonka/Supplied

While Paper Plane (also open since last summer) is more of an all-rounder, Broken Coconut has a clear focus: rum. Over 100 varieties of the sugarcane-based liquor will be on hand for customers to sample. But it won’t be purely a tasting spot, as a substantial cocktail menu will also be offered.

Broken Coconut’s menu
Courtesy Broken Coconut

The bar is similar to a format Manceau has used before — next door to the original Venice, he opened speakeasy-style bar Clandestino, which focuses on tequila and mezcal, offering both tastings and cocktails. Broken Coconut also has a slightly subdued, den-like vibe to it, but with classic Havana lounge-inspired decor, and lots of vintage pieces, alongside plants. The cocktails include lighter, fruitier options that even get into some tiki territory.

Ariane Tonka/Supplied

There’s a rum-adjacent cachaça option with coconut liqueur, passionfruit, ginger, cilantro, and pineapple, and one drink featuring popcorn-infused coconut milk, but some more serious options like the Ambassador, with Diplomatica Reserva, whiskey, bitter chocolate, and cherry.

Broken Coconut/Supplied
Broken Coconut/Supplied

STATUS — Broken Coconut is open at 4005 Notre-Dame W from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday to Saturday, and will be open the same hours as a one-off on Wednesday, January 23.

Venice (St-Henri)

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Broken Coconut

4001 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, QC H4C 1R3 (514) 903-3331