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Finally: Dinette Triple Crown Is Serving Oh-So-Southern Brunch

And other news, including more city drama over signage

Chicken and waffles
Dinette Triple Crown/Supplied

LITTLE ITALY — Fried chicken-and-picnic-basket spot Dinette Triple Crown has been promising to start brunch service almost since opening in 2012 — now, that’s a reality. Kentucky-grown chef-owner Colin Perry will cook up a pan-Southern menu with items like shrimp and grits, fried chicken with cheddar-chive waffles, and red chilaquiles, as well as smaller sides like a pecan sticky bun and biscuits with sausage gravy. A few special cocktails like a bourbon Caesar and the “paralyzer float”: vodka, Kahlua, ice cream, and coke. The regular Southern specialties like milk punch and Sazeracs will also be served.

Owner Nicole Turcotte says that after working brunches for years at Le Chien Fumant on the Plateau, she’s finally recovered enough to jump back in. “It’s a deep wound…there’s been enough distance between me and [brunch] that I can do it again.” Brunch is served 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays — but it’ll only be offered throughout the winter months, and will stop when the weather gets picnic-friendly again.

Menu de Brunch pour la fin de semaine du 19 & 20 janvier. Brunch menu for the weekend of January 19th & 20th.

Posted by Dinette Triple Crown on Friday, January 18, 2019

PLATEAU, ETC — Cheap eats chainlet L’Gros Luxe is upsizing and going more corporate — it has joined with restaurant group La Büff to expand its presence within Quebec. That group is primarily known for brunch chain L’Oeufrier — it’ll take a 40 percent share of L’Gros Luxe. The main aim here is for that restaurant, known for its comfort food and Caesars with outsized garnishes, to get into more of a franchise operation with new locations — L’Gros Luxe’s existing locations are also up for franchisees to take over, too.

OLD MONTREAL — St-Jacques Street stunner Monarque is about to transition into longer hours — starting January 28 (Monday), it will be open seven nights for dinner, and for lunch Monday to Friday. This expansion is for the more formal restaurant end — the brasserie side is already a day-and-night affair.

Café São/Facebook

SAINTE-MARIE — In the latest instalment of overzealous fonctionnaires, de Lorimier Avenue café São has reportedly been asked to remove its painted-on sign from the front window. You know, the sign that clearly indicates the name of the coffee shop. According to Le Journal de Montréal, it doesn’t conform to size regulations — that is, it’s too big. It really doesn’t look that big.

Dinette Triple Crown

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Café São

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