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The Plateau Has a New Spot for Juicy Soup Dumplings

Plus, other new openings to know, including a burger joint in NDG, and a beer-and-bulk store for Griffintown.

Soup dumplings. Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling/Facebook

PLATEAU — St-Denis Street has a new purveyor of soup dumplings, or xiaolongbao: Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling is now open in the space that used to be Indian restaurant Ambala. There’s over 20 options for the slightly puffed dumplings, filled with a splash of flavourful broth, including the standards such as shrimp and pork, through to a variety of lamb and chicken fillings. Those looking for non-soup dumplings have just a couple of options for steamed siu mai and har gow varieties; a plate of most dumplings clocks in around the $10 mark.

NDG — A new spot for meat in buns has landed on Sherbrooke West, with Grand Burger Blvd now open, fittingly, at the corner of Grand Boulevard. It’s grinding its own beef in house, and loading those burgers up with smoked meat, chili, bacon, and fried eggs (there’s a portobello option for vegetarians). On side, there’s poutine, chili-cheese fries, and onion rings.

Le Décapsuleur/Facebook

GRIFFINTOWN — Opening this weekend near the bottom of de la Montagne is Le Décapsuleur, an intriguing “beer and bulk” store. Basically, it’s selling a whole bunch of craft beers, alongside bulk snacks, the kind you’d find in those long, cylindrical level-operated distributors in grocery stores — popcorn, soy sticks, and so on. The exact offerings are to be unveiled with the grand opening on Saturday (November 23).

CÔTE-DES-NEIGES — Hawaiian-Filipino restaurant Le Petit Vibe is now open, with a menu featuring pork belly, buttery garlic shrimp, and other comforting delights.

PLATEAU — A new matcha café has arrived at 220 Rachel E, named At Matcha. It’s taking its green tea pretty seriously — laptops are not welcome, and it doesn’t serve take-out cups, the premise being that you’re really there for the matcha. It also doubles as an art gallery.

MILE END — Newly opened on the quiet corner of Villeneuve and Jeanne-Mance is Greek restaurant Terrasse Thanos. It’s very Montreal-style Greek, which means there’s also various casse-croûte options, pizza, and pasta, plus more obvious options from souvlaki to tzatziki. It takes over the former Terrasse Lafayette, which closed and moved up to Bernard Street, becoming Pizzeria Lafayette earlier this year.

DOWNTOWN — Purveyor of Taiwanese cheese tea (better than it sounds!) Presotea has expanded quite a bit since it arrived in the city just a year ago — the latest is in the Simons food court. An Eater tipster also suggests that a Bilboquet ice creamery is moving into the same food court, but this is unconfirmed.

DOWNTOWN — Also expanding is NDG cold pressed juice bar Rejuice Nutrition, which has nabbed itself a location in the new Michael Kors store on Ste-Catherine Street.

Yum Yum Soupe Dumplings

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