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Québécois Classic La Binerie Gets a Big New Location, and a Liquor License

It’s also going to be open late into the night

Customers sit at the vintage counter at La Binerie.
La Binerie Mont-Royal’s original location, prior to its move

La Binerie Mont-Royal, a hub for traditional Québécois cuisine in Montreal, just got new digs.

The restaurant, which spent 80 years on Mont-Royal Avenue, closed its doors in late summer and has decamped a few blocks away to St-Denis, taking over the former Steak-Frites St-Paul just south of Rachel Street.

The new location is substantially bigger than the original, with room for some 95 customers, up from about 25 before.

According to a report from TVA, owners Jocelyne and Philippe Brunet have kept much of the decor from the original Binerie: the original counter and stools were moved over, as was its iconic exterior sign (although it’s now stored inside), and the various menu boards — a clear indication that while it might be a fresh location, it’s still the same classic spot for a hearty, warming meal. Even Quebec author Yves Beauchemin, who set his notable novel Le Matou in the Binerie, approved of the new set-up in a segment on Radio-Canada.

Correspondingly, the menu stays the same — fèves au lard, tourtière, pouding chômeur, and all sorts of breakfast dishes, with some minor additions, including smoked meat, and an onion soup.

However, there are some notable changes — the restaurant’s hours are set to be drastically expanded, with plans staying open from early morning until 11 p.m. Monday to Wednesday and 4 a.m. Thursday to Saturday, making it an option for a casual after-drinking shepherd’s pie (or pâté chinois). The restaurant is currently hiring in order to be able to extend its hours.

The original Binerie was a 24-hour institution, so it could also be considered a return to form, after years of closing in the early afternoon and serving dinner just a few nights a week.

With a much larger space, La Binerie will also take groups now, and it has space on the building’s second floor to welcome them. The restaurant also now has a liquor license, which it didn’t have on Mont-Royal.

The reason for the move seems to be to ensure that La Binerie has a future — per the Gazette, the larger space should be more profitable. With more space, there’s also room for new appliances that’ll make the operation more efficient. Plus, the Brunets (who have owned it for 14 years), are getting older, meaning that the move is likely part of a strategy to ensure that any future owner can inherit a successful restaurant.

La Binerie Mont-Royal

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