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Old Montreal Has a Fresh New Option for NY Style Pizza by the Slice

Named Slice and Soda, it’s pretty obvious what is on the menu here

An array of pizzas in a cabinet. Slice and Soda/Facebook

There’s one more place to get big ol’ New York-style pizza by the slice in Montreal, with Slice and Soda now open in Old Montreal.

It takes over the former location of clothing boutique Ambre, which moved to St-Jacques Street.

If the name didn’t make it obvious, Slice and Soda is sticking pretty strictly to two main offerings. For pizza, there’s mostly classic options — cheese, pepperoni, prosciutto, veggie, and calabrese, as well as smoked meat, as a nod to Montreal. They’re available by the slice or as full pies — the menu does have Old Montreal prices ($5 for most slices, $30 for most pies), but those are at least for fairly broad slices.

The “soda” part of the name does not mean Coke or Pepsi — the counter-service resto is serving eight house-made sodas, with flavours including passionfruit, vanilla, grapefruit-lime (“pamplemousse sour”), and a yuzu-rhubarb option.

The small menu is rounded out with just a couple of non-pizza, non-soda options: a caesar salad, and a Nutella roll for dessert.

New York-style pizza has been a little more prominent on Montreal’s food scene in the last couple of years — beyond Slice and Soda, there’s La New Yorkaise, which opened in Griffintown this year, as well as Pizza Bouquet, which opened inside a Little Italy bar in 2018. There’s also Vesta in Villeray, from the owners of Pizzeria Gema, which is inspired by Brooklyn-style pies, although it’s not a by the slice spot, and strictly speaking, not fully New York style.

STATUS — Slice and Soda is open at 201 St-Paul West from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday to Saturday.

Slice + Soda

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