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A 4-Decades-Old East End Japanese Restaurant Has Shut Down — and Other Closures

Including the departure of “Chinese” chain P.F. Chang’s from Montreal

Flames leap off a grill at Kobe Grillades. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse/Facebook

HOCHELAGA-MAISONNEUVE — After 42 years of grilling on Sherbrooke East, Japanese steakhouse Kobe has closed down. Silo 57 notes that its final day in business was November 24. It’s not the only shutter at that east-end address — breakfast spot Ôzeu also shut its doors, and both indicated on social media that the closures were due to circumstances outside their control. Online commenters suggested that the building had been sold, and its new owner wanted to do change the spaces somehow, although city records do not yet indicate a change of ownership. An Instagram post suggested that Kobe’s owners are potentially interested in reopening, although it would be after a “long break”.

CÔTE-DES-NEIGES — Purveyor of very Americanized Chinese food P.F. Chang’s no longer exists in Montreal proper, as its location on Décarie Boulevard shut down this fall. (However, there is still a location in Carrefour Laval, for those in urgent need of chain restaurant kung pao chicken or orange peel beef). The chain arrived in Montreal back in 2012, but facing financial difficulties, the company that owned the rights to operate the chain in Canada sold it on to Groupe Sportscene, which owns sports bar chain La Cage.

VILLAGE — Romados-inspired Portuguese rotisserie Carlos, on Ste-Catherine Street, has quietly shut down in recent days. Restaurateur PJ Goupil (known for his work with A5 Hospitality) opened it just over a year ago with a friend — no reason was given for its closure, although its website does acknowledge that the counter-service eatery is indeed, closed.

MILE END — Somewhat expensive gym Machina has gone bankrupt — that means its cafeteria concept, Machina Smart Bar, is also now defunct. The shutter was very sudden — its space on de Gaspé hasn’t been touched since the closure a few weeks back, with shelves of protein powder and other supplements still fully stocked.

ST-HENRI — Réunionese restaurant Marmite Su’l Feu appears to have closed its permanent location on St-Jacques Street, however, all signs suggest that the curry and sandwich specialist will retain its seasonal stand at the Atwater Market (although it’s closed for the winter at the moment).

Seen any bankruptcy notices or papered-over windows in your neighbourhood? Tell us about it.