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Griffintown Vegan Resto Spreads Its Faux Big Mac to St-Henri

Le Kitchen gets location number 2.5

Le Kitchen/Facebook

Griffintown vegan eatery Le Kitchen has expanded, with a new location further west in St-Henri.

A new take-out counter on Notre-Dame West takes over the former location of Hank, the short-lived comptoir project from pie shop Rustique.

The tiny space from owners Emilia Jamieson and Dan Geltner will mostly lean healthy, serving ready-to-eat salads, wraps, soups, breakfast bowls, and some baked goods, mostly brought in from Le Kitchen’s William Street HQ, as the space is too small for a full kitchen. Coffee will also be served.

In one departure from the health-conscious approach, Le Kitchen’s much-loved “secret” menu item, the Lil Mak will also be served: a vegan take on the Big Mac (but, for any copyright lawyers reading, with absolutely no affiliation with McDonald’s), it consists of two vegan patties, special sauce, lettuce, vegan cheese, and pickles, on a sesame seed bun — it’s not written on the menu, but can certainly be ordered.

Le Kitchen has been in business since 2013, with its first location open on William Street for about two and a half years. In warmer months, there’s also a Le Kitchen stand at the nearby Atwater Market.

STATUS — Le Kitchen is open at 4619 Notre-Dame W from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days, with longer hours likely in the summer.

Le Kitchen

1806 Rue William, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H3J 2L7 (514) 934-3663 Visit Website

Le Kitchen (St-Henri)

4619 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, QC H4C 1S5 Visit Website