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Jean-Talon St Bakery Recalls All Products

Food sold up to last Monday at the Parc-Ex establishment is considered unsafe

Patisserie Internationale

Quebec’s food inspection body has issued a mass recall for all products sold up to last Monday (March 11) at a Parc-Extension bakery.

Patisserie Internationale at 886 Jean-Talon W is the focus of the recall from Quebec’s provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), which was issued on Tuesday afternoon.

The recall notice — also reported by CTV — states that products from the bakery made up to the recall date were not prepared in a safe, hygienic manner. All products from the bakery are covered by the recall — including bread, cookies, and phyllo-based sweets such as baklava.

The recall also notes that Patisserie Internationale’s products were sold in other establishments (possibly as a self-service option) — some of these products were marked with the bakery’s name and address, but not all of them. However, MAPAQ has not specified where the unmarked products were sold.

The bakery is currently open, and products sold since yesterday (Tuesday March 12) are considered safe to eat.