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Saint-Henri Brunch Favourite Shutters — And Other Recent Closures

Including one long-established Mile End BYOB


SAINT-HENRI — “Why am I sitting in the dark? Because we haven’t paid our bill,” jokes the H4C chef-owner Dany Bolduc in a video posted to restaurant’s social media pages, announcing the restaurant’s indefinite closure. Housed in a former post office and bank building, the Saint-Henri restaurant opened five years ago and quickly become a brunch staple in the neighbourhood. H4C announced their departure from the local restaurant scene with a series of [not-not-dramatic] black boxes posted to Instagram, teasing at a possible new-and-improved version to come in the video that followed.

MILE END — 57-year old Greek-slash-Italian BYOB Terrasse Lafayette has closed its doors on Villeneuve Street in Mile End. Citing irreconcilable differences with the building’s landlord, the owners have transplanted the longstanding local restaurant to a new address on Bernard. The second iteration of Lafayette sheds the Greek side of their menu offerings — and also drops “Terrasse” from the name, in favour of “Pizzeria” — to focus on Italian food, complete with a brick oven. The bring-your-own-bottle feature is over with, too; Lafayette 2.0 now serves alcohol.

SAINTE-ANNE-DE-BELLEVUE — A three-alarm fire has gutted West Island restaurant Marco Bar and Grill, marking the second major fire for the restaurant in 10 years. “He’s actually almost nauseous from this whole thing, just can’t believe this is happening again,” Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue mayor Paola Hawa told Global’s Gloria Henriquez. “It’s a sad time for him.” After an apparent grow-op was uncovered by firefighters, the investigation was handed over to the Montreal Police.