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A New York-Style Pizza Place is Opening in Griffintown This May

Pizzeria La New-Yorkaise aims to diversify Montreal’s pizza offerings

Pizzeria La New-Yorkaise / Official

New York-style pizza is coming to Griffintown this May with the opening of Pizzeria La New-Yorkaise on May 25.

Owner Reza Sedighi told Eater Montreal tuesday that the restaurant, open next Saturday, will serve seven varieties of pizza — including a gorgonzola and a swiss chard pizza — accompanied by a small number of paninis.

The space, located at De La Montagne Street near William, seats 12 — but Sedighi says the restaurant will primarily serve its thin crust pizza for takeaway, by the slice or as whole pies.

The idea for Pizzeria La New-Yorkaise was born out of a desire to diversify Montreal’s pizza scene. While the city is dotted with Napoletana-style spots, Sedighi says there’s a severe dearth of good, by-the-slice, thin crust New York pizza.

“Montreal is the first metropolitan city in Canada where you cannot find this kind of pizza. You can find it everywhere but here,” he said.

Sedighi hopes the restaurant will encourage Montrealers to go out of their comfort zones and “try another kind of pizza.”

“Our food is very good,” Sedighi said. “I’m so excited to open this kind of pizza for the first time in Griffintown.”

STATUS: Pizzeria La New-Yorkaise is set to open on Saturday, May 25, and will be open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Pizzeria New-Yorkaise

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