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A New Montreal Food Stand Is Serving Spiced-Up Colombian-Style Mango

Plus, a range of other new openings, including new options for pizza, bibimbap, and Taiwanese desserts.

Colombian-style mango biche
Getty Images/iStockphoto

WESTMOUNT — Here’s something new: a stand serving Colombian-style seasoned mango has opened up in Alexis Nihon Plaza (on Atwater). Oui Mango. Here’s the deal: you get a cup of spiral-cut mango, and then add a range of relatively simple toppings to it. Named mango biche in Colombia, the basic topping is usually lime and salt (in Colombia, it’s made with green mango; Oui Mango appears to have tweaked its approach to use sweeter, ripe mangos). The basic lime and salt are on hand here, as are extra toppings such as condensed milk, honey, lemon pepper, Tajin seasoning, and even garlic.

Some Montrealers may be familiar with the somewhat similar Mexican iteration of the street food, which features cubed mangos, tangy seasoning, and hot sauce. That’s an option here, but most other toppings are specific to Colombian mango biche (except maple syrup, obviously). Stick a li’l Colombian flag in it and eat it with a fork.

La New-Yorkaise/Facebook

GRIFFINTOWN — Pizzeria New Yorkaise is now open on de la Montagne at William. As the name suggests, it’s doing NY-style pizza (by the slice or whole pies) day and night, as well as schiacciata, a Tuscan-style topped focaccia, and a few salads.

LITTLE ITALY — A new café has been born at St-Dominique and Bélanger. Minowis Pause Gourmand is doing coffee and panini, but also ice cream, fro-yo, and blizzards, both during the day and into the evenings.

MILE END — That Mile End lunch scene keeps on booming — the newest arrival is Bibiko, focusing on serving a small selection of bibimbap options, mostly during the day, with a couple of evenings. Bibiko is mixing up its east Asian cuisines, apparently, given that Chinese bao buns are also on the menu.

CHINATOWN — There’s one more Chinese barbecue haunt in town: Yan’s Barbecue Bar arrived semi-recently on St-Laurent, right in between de la Gauchetière and Rene-Lévesque; it’s open late.

Meet Fresh Quebec/Facebook

SHAUGHNESSY VILLAGE — Taiwanese dessert and tea chain Meet Fresh is now open on Ste-Catherine and St-Mathieu (in the old Zushi Sushi). It’s doing shaved ice treats, grass jelly, milky teas, and more, seven days, day and night.

POINTE-CLAIRE — West Island watering hole Kellys Pub has been returned to action. Now, it’s Kellys Orchard. It’s effectively a new outpost for Ye Olde Orchard with ample beer and pubby food. Notably, the venue has switched to a restaurant license, making it more family friendly (that is, kids can come eat with their families).

DOWNTOWN — There’s a new vegan option on Sherbrooke at Guy: Le Buddha is now in place, serving fairly casual fare. Despite the name, the food seems pretty far removed from any country with a substantial Buddhist population — for example, the “Buddha burger” or, more tellingly, the presence of currywurst on the menu. (It’s presumably made with vegan sausage.) Open day and night every day but Monday.

Meet Fresh

1805 Rue Ste-Catherine O, Montreal, QC H3H 2H9 Visit Website

Pizzeria New-Yorkaise

309 Rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H2C 4K4 (514) 543-7616 Visit Website

Oui Mango

1500 Avenue Atwater, K-08, Montreal, QC H3Z 1X5 (514) 931-1991 Visit Website


31 Rue St-Viateur E, Montreal, QC H2T 1A5 Visit Website