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A Password-Required Bar is Opening Near Crescent Street Tonight

NewHaūs bar is opening just in time for Grand Prix weekend

NewHaūs bar / Official

A bar with a password is opening downtown tonight.

NewHaūs bar is opening at 1391 Maisonneuve Boulevard Ouest (near Crescent Street) just in time for the start of the 2019 Grand Prix. While the bar psuedo-mysteriously requires patrons to provide a password to enter, it will take reservations via phone in advance (so it’s safe to say that if you want a way in, you can find one).

According to the bar’s social media, the venue is modeled after a 1950’s-style bomb shelter, and will play host to various musical acts throughout their opening weekend (and likely beyond).

We don’t quite know yet what’s on this speakeasy-style bar’s menu, but their social media presence hints to a range of champagnes, cocktails, and tapas-style plates.

The bar’s opening comes at a time when demand for speakeasies around the city is at an all-time high. Over the last few years, countless ‘hidden’ bars have popped up throughout Montreal, particularly in the Old Port and downtown core, in part due to a high supply of empty basement venue spaces. Very few hidden bars have gone as far as requiring a password at the door, however — so how well NewHaūs does given this requirement, we’ll just have to wait and see.

STATUS: NewHaūs bar is opening on Friday, June 7 at 1391 Maisonneuve Boulevard Ouest.